1. Form
Infinitive without to
It has the same form in singular and plural.

2. Use
Sit down, boys and girls.
Try another pen.

Go straight on.
Add sugar to the milk and flour.

Look out!
Mind the step!

Negative Imperatives (Prohibitions)
Do not walk on the grass.
Don’t cycle here.

Make sensible imperative sentences. Use these verbs:
to go – to open – to try – to sit – to come – to call – to stay – to take

1. … your book out of your schoolbag.
2. … here!
3. … where you are. Don’t move.
4. … down the street.
5. … to be on time.
6. … the window!
7. … still!
8. … 999. This man is dying!


Make negative imperative sentences (contracted forms). Use these verbs:
to walk – to touch – to tell – to get – to worry – to leave – to open – to laugh

1. … at disabled people.
2. … on my nerves!
3. … so quickly!
4. … me lies!
5. … him alone!
6. … about that problem.
7. … the screen with your fingers.
8. … the window.



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