1. Wow! It’s raining cats and dogs today, and I forgot my umbrella!
a) I forgot my umbrella today.
b) It’s raining heavily.
c) Cats and dogs are falling from the sky.

2. When I told my mom I would be home around 2 am, she had a cow!
a) My mom was really upset.
b) My mom bought a baby cow.
c) My mom is really strange.

3. Jean: How did you know it was my birthday today?
Susan: Oh, a little birdie told me!
a) Jean told Susan it was her birthday.
b) Susan told Jean it was her birthday.
c) An unnamed person told Susan about Jean’s birthday.

4. Frank: Why didn’t your brother ride the roller coaster with us?
Sam: Oh, he’s such a scaredy cat! He won’t ride on any fast rides.
a) Sam’s brother didn’t go to the roller coaster.
b) Sam’s brother is afraid to ride the roller coaster.
c) Sam’s brother is a cat.

5. When the telephone salesman told me I could buy some concert tickets for only $10.00 if I gave him my credit card number, it seemed a little fishy to me, so I hung up the phone.
a) I thought he was dishonest and I felt suspicious of him.
b) I thought he smelled like a fish and I didn’t like that.
c) I thought he was playing a joke.

6. I never learned how to use a computer, so I lost my job to a new employee. It’s a dog-eat-dog world.
a) People treat each other like dogs.
b) Only the best will keep their jobs.
c) Dogs are eating dogs at the office.

7. This is a suspicious situation.
a) It’s fishy.
b) It’s raining cats and dogs.
c) It’s a dog-eat-dog world.

8. My sister got really upset when I drank the last of the milk.
a) She’s a scaredy-cat.
b) She had a cow.
c) A little birdie told me.

9. It’s raining and raining and raining!
a) It’s a dog-eat-dog world.
b) It’s a scaredy-cat.
c) It’s raining cats and dogs.

10. The best always win.
a) A little birdie told me.
b) It’s a dog-eat-dog world.
c) It’s fishy.

1. I’m all thumbs today! I tripped and fell, and I broke my favorite coffee cup.
a) I have 10 thumbs on my hand.
b) I am uncoordinated and clumsy today.
c) I fell on my thumbs and broke them.

2. I talked to my sister heart-to-heart and told her how I felt about my boyfriend.
a) I spoke to my sister very honestly about my feelings.
b) I talked to my boyfriend about my sister.
c) I spoke to my sister about my heart.

3. Wendy: How did you finish your work so quickly?
Henry: I had a head start.
a) Henry’s head started to work.
b) Wendy is slow and lazy.
c) Henry started before Wendy.

4. Mother: You’re late! Did it ever cross your mind to pick up a phone and call me?!
Daughter: I’m sorry, I was busy and I just couldn’t call.
Mother: Well, OK, but I was really worried about you!
a) Did you forget me?
b) Did you think of calling me?
c) Didn’t you call me?

5. I was supposed to give a speech to my English class, but I got cold feet and I didn’t go.
a) I got too nervous, and I didn’t go.
b) My English class makes my feet feel too cold.
c) My feet got cold, so I didn’t go.

6. Steve: How was the first day on your new job?
Henry: It was terrible! I hit my new manager’s car in the parking lot,
so I got off on the wrong foot. What an awful way to start the day!
a) I drove over my new manager’s foot.
b) My day started badly.
c) I lost my new job today.

7. Shawn: Hey! I have some great news!
Kate: I’m all ears….
a) Tell me – I’m listening!
b) My ears are ready.
c) I have an earache.

8. I’ve already finished my project. Get off my back now!
a) My work is done now, so I can go home.
b) Leave me alone and stop telling me to do my project!
c) My back hurts, so I want to finish my work.

9. I made a bad first impression when I met Maria.
a) I’m all thumbs today!
b) I have cold feet.
c) I got off on the wrong foot.

10. I just remembered! I need to pick up some milk at the store.
a) I’m all ears.
b) It just crossed my mind.
c) I had a head start.


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