Study the following base form of the verbs and see how they are used in the imperative sentences. Imperative sentences are the sentences, which express commands, advice, and suggestions. The second person ‘you’ is always addressed in the imperative.

EXAMPLE1. Believe in God.
2. Worship Ma Sarswatiji, Ma Durgaji, Ma Luxmiji.
3. Don’t be superstitious.
4. Don’t deceive anyone.
5. Always speak the truth.


  1. The students asked the teacher respectfully that he takes their class in the sun, as it was very cold.
  2. Let they to decide what they want.
  3. The principal wanted that all the teachers came to college in time.
  4. Please telling me what troubles you now and then.
  5. Let the rich not to laugh at the poor.
  6. Let he and me decide what to do with the present situation.
  7. Let we to go home, as it is going dark.
  8. Don’t let the criminals to go scot-free.
  9. To have your breakfast before you go to your duties.
  10. The servant requested the master, “Go me home as my mother has fallen ill.”
  11. Not sit on that chair, as it reserved for the VIP.
  12. Let she and her daughter go home, as it is getting dark.
  13. Let me has my chance.
  14. Let the boy has his turn.
  15. Let all the ripe fruit plucked.
  16. The weather is pleasant. Let the children to enjoy themselves.
  17. Let we not to blame others for our doings.
  18. Let all the schools closed for the summer vacation.
  19. Come and to tell me what happened with you.
  20. Tell a lie never.
  21. Speak the truth always.
  22. Let he and I go to New Delhi.
  23. Let it rain. Let us to start.
  24. God never wanted that Adam eats the forbidden fruit.
  25. The Satan always wanted that Adam eats the forbidden fruit,
  26. The Satan persuaded Eve that she goads Adam to eat the forbidden fruit.
  27. Let not ambition to shun their useful toil.
  28. Let sit down and not be so stuffy.
  29. Let come back and have dinner with me.
  30. Luxman asked Lord Ram permit me to attack Bharat as he has grown usurper and proud of his being the king Ayodhya.


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