Complete the sentences using conjunctions: so that, as long as, while, until, as if.

  1. You can come to the meeting ______ you don’t say anything.
  2. I’m not leaving ______ I get an apology from you.
  3. I came her ______ you could give me an explanation.
  4. Bob is very tall ______ Bill is very short.
  5. You look ______ you’ve seen a ghost.
  6. I refuse to pay anything ______ you do the work properly.
  7. I’m going shopping for food this evening ______ I don’t have to go at the weekend.
  8. You look ______ you haven’t eaten for a week.
  9. I came early ______ I could talk to you privately.
  10. ______ I don’t think she’s perfect for the job, she’s certainly better qualified than Steve.
  11. I don’t mind if you go out for lunch ______ you’re back for the meeting at two.
  12. Are you OK? You look ______ you have a problem.
  13. ______ the job is very interesting, it’s also very badly paid.
  14. We’ll go to the mountains on Saturday ______ it doesn’t rain.
  15. The winters here are very cold ______ the summers are very hot.
  16. You can write the report when you want ______ it’s ready by the end of the month.
  17. It looks ______ the government has got a lot of problems.
  18. I want Mary to be in charge ______ I get back from holiday.
  19. ______ I don’t approve of what you did, I’m not going to punish you for it.
  20. I’m learning English ______ I can get a better job.


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  1. Ibune Zahra says:

    Ayah Congratulation for your new blog in MAKMUR regency

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