Simple Past Exercise

A. Change the verbs in the following sentence into past tense.

1. Yesterday, I go to the restaurant with a client.

2. We drive around the parking lot for 20 minutes in order to find a parking space.

3. When we arrive at the restaurant, the place is full.

4. The waitress asks us if we have reservations.

5. I say, “No, my secretary forgets to make them.”

6. The waitress tells us to come back in two hours.

7. My client and I slowly walk back to the car.

8. Then we see a small grocery store.

9. We stop in the grocery store and buy some sandwiches.

10. That is better than waiting for two hours.

B. Correct the mistakes in the following sentences:

1. Last night, Samantha have pizza for supper.

2. My pet lizard was died last month.

3. Yesterday I spend two hours cleaning my living room.

4. This morning before coming to class, Jack eats two bowls of cereal.

5. What was happened to your leg?

C. Find the right form of the verb in brackets.

William Shakespeare (be) born in Stratford-on-Avon on April 23, 1564. He (go) to the local Stratford Grammar School, where he (be) (teach) by Master Walter Roche. Lessons began at six o’clock in the morning in the summer in order to make the most of daylight.

His father (be) (call) John Shakespeare a Stratford upon Avon glove-maker. He (send) William to the local grammar school in 1571, but when William (be) only 14 years old his fortunes fell so low that William (have) to leave school. Some historians say he (work) in his father’s shop.

At the age of 19 William (to marry) Anne Hathaway the daughter of a rich farmer near Stratford. Three years later Shakespeare (go) to London. How he (live) there we do not know.

In about 1587 he (become) a member of one of the few theatrical companies which (exist) in those days. Around 1590 he (begin) to try his hand at writing plays. There (be) no female actors in those days, all the female parts (be) (play) by boys. It is thought that he (write) his first major play, Henry VI., Part One, in 1592.

His most famous play, Hamlet, (be) probably first seen in 1601 at the Globe Theatre. Shakespeare (continue) to write about 2 plays a year.

He (return) to Stratford in 1612, where he (live) the life of a country gentleman. He (die) of a fever on his birthday in 1616.


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